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From the mountain valleys of Alto Adige to the dense oak forests of Slavonia, from the forest steppes of Eastern Europe to the teak forests of Burma: we select the most prized wood to meet the needs of our customers, thus making each project unique and unrepeatable.
Among historical rural and mountain settlements, we search for the finest wood specimens and we restore antique wooden boards recovered from farmsteads, barns, historical residences and ancient oil mills, bringing them back to their original splendour.

We also visit millenary peat bogs from which we extract precious sub-fossil wood with an exclusive appearance and colouring.
Finally, we explore ancient forests scattered across different continents to specifically identify century-old plants. Of course, all this is done in full respect of nature, in fact, we only and exclusively remove specimens that have reached the end of their life cycle, and whose felling promotes growth and proliferation of the underlying flora.

The result of our decades of research and selection of wood has culminated in the creation of four prestigious collections: the Fossil Collection featuring bog wood, the Heritage Collection featuring ancient wood, the Antico Maso collection featuring ancient alpine wood and finally the Contemporary Collection featuring century-old fresh cut wood.

  heritage collection
      ancient wood

   fossil collection
      peatbog wood

  antico maso collection
      ancient alpine wood

  contemporary collection
      wild wood