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Ancient woodworking

Bottega 1949 is a historical cabinetmaking company, which evolved from a small artisan workshop founded after the first world war.
For more than 60 years, we have been making high-quality products using unique and unrepeatable wood, designing and creating handcrafted items tailored specifically to the needs of the customer.
From the selection of the wood to the final installation of the products, Bottega 1949 tells a story of passion based on time…. time to search for and select the finest woods… time to age the wood according to the cycles of nature… time to study the right construction solutions… time to work the wood by hand, taking care of every detail.

The “warehouse of time”

During this journey we have created, over the years, the “warehouse of time”, a magical and fascinating place that represents the synthesis of decades of research and the summary of experiences.
A real wood exhibition consisting of countless types of wood, each of which not only has a didactic or theoretical use, but also a practical use. In fact, each plank or board in the warehouse, according to its intrinsic characteristics, can be used in a versatile way, so as to satisfy any request, desire or need.

Tradition and Innovation

Our working method is firmly anchored in the Italian cabinet-making tradition, but is also accompanied by ongoing research and development activities, combining ancient construction techniques with the use of innovative machinery.
Each product is tested in modern laboratories to guarantee not only the highest level of reliability, but also strict compliance with the most stringent standards for emissions and environmental impact.